Top Tips for Designing A Leaflet

5 Quick Tips for Designing Leaflets

Leaflets and flyers provide vital information on a product or service or perhaps just information on your company in general. Having an online presence is essential but you need to point people in that direction so the printed mailer or flyer is a great cost effective solution.

No matter who your target market is, or maybe you have many, getting the right information to your customer is a key challenge with all of your marketing.

Getting a leaflet right is not always easy and the challenge is to try and make it stand out for the reader and provide the necessary information to drive sales and enquiries. A professional design can often go a long way to creating the perfect first impression with your leaflet. There are a number of steps we would suggest following to help create a great leaflet.


  1. Space
    Less is more certainly plays a huge part when designing a leaflet, no one wants to sit there and read through your whole sales pitch, all they need to know is the key information. Be sure to remember space when you are designing your leaflet.
  1. Imagery
    An image says a million words, that’s how the famous saying goes right!? Well including the right photo for your message is important, also bear in mind that it needs to be high quality and print ready. Images are the perfect way to showcase your business. Use a high quality stock image or commission some stunning product photography with us.
  1. Readable
    Make sure that everything you want to say on your leaflet is fully legible. I also believe that the ‘less is more’ approach is also appropriate here. Short, snappy sentences work well and try to get a clear, simple title that will grab the reader’s attention. Something like “Sale Now On – Up To 50% OFF!” works well.
  1. Quality:
    This includes everything from making sure the images are correct to checking spelling and grammar. Also bearing in mind the finished printed product as well when designing the brochure. Make sure that the paper stock matches the quality you are looking for in your business and product.
  1. Call to Action:
    Finally, it is so important to direct the reader towards more information either on your website or by picking up the phone. Make sure that it is clear and prominent on your leaflet design. The usual place that the contact information can be found is on the back or near the bottom – but why not be creative.
  • Link to website
  • Social profiles – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Contact phone number
  • Email contact

Now its time to design! If you would like help or assistance with your leaflet design, or you would even like us to design it for you please feel free to get in touch at any time and we would be more than happy to help you.